Restaurants & Bars

Tree Bar

The Tree Bar is set to bring you back to the cool and calming embrace of nature. With it's interior design and motifs highlighting the beauty of Mother Nature, breathe in the calm and fresh air. Enjoy refreshments of your choosing in the enlivening al-fresco environment.

Café 168

More than just being G’s new address, Café 168 unleashes opulence with cuisines from international to local delicacies. Embark on a gastronomical experience through a paradise of indulgences with lavish buffet lines and exquisite warm-hearted meals that are curated for delightful moments.

G Spot

Tingle your senses with a thrilling experience as G Spot makes its dazzling return. With a picturesque view overlooking the seafront promenade, get comfy and sweet in the afternoon as you savour G’s well acclaimed tea set, or linger around for an enchanting evening of sipping and supping on exceptional cocktails.